Kazuhiro Yoshida, Medical Journalist

Kazuhiro Yoshida has published on a wide range of issues related to the medical sciences, psychology, philosophy, language, and sociology. His current interests focus on recent advances in the medical sciences, especially in the fields of psychiatry, neurology, cardiology, and resuscitation sciences. Most of his writings have targeted Japanese audiences and have been published in Japanese in various scientific journals and magazines. The articles listed below are a small illustrative example of the work he has done as a writer/reporter in the field of medical sciences.

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Sample Writings and Contributions

Yoshida's best-selling book, Kenko Shindan no Tadashii Yomikata ("Understanding your Medical Record")

has been favorably reviewed in a number of newspapers and magazines, receiving such comments as "the first publication by a medical journalist to take the patient's point of view rather than the health professional's" (Dokushojin), "strongly recommeded" (Nikkan Sports), and “it makes you think about the issues, both normal and the abnormal” (Mainichi Life).

Preface, with his byline (Japanese) Colophon
Other books by Yoshida include Hinohara Shigeaki Dokuhon, Kujira to Iruka no Shinrigaku (both multi-authored works).

Yoshida's expertise in medical journalism can be recognized in his contributions to newspapers and magazines.

Article in Dokushojin, by Yoshida (Japanese)
A review on Serva-Schreiber's philosophy of cancer treatments, 2011

Article in Mainichi Life by Yoshida (Japanese)
A review of daily stress management. 2010

Article in Betsusasu Bungei, by Yoshida (Japanese)
An Introductory to French medical humanists, 2008

Other articles by Yoshida include Kenkoryoku, Yaneura ni Dareka Irun Desuyo, and Daitai Igaku.

Yoshida contributed a series of monthly columns for almost three years (May 2007 to March 2010) to Seishin Byoin Kyokai-shi (Journal of the Psychiatric Hospitals Association) under the title of Seishinka Iryo Topics (Topics in Psychiatric Treatment), in which he reported about people working at psychiatric hospitals all over Japan, and on topical issues in psychiatric practice.

Sample page

Yoshida has published numerous Japanese translations of American and European studies in the fields of medical science, psychology, and philosophy. Many of his translations have recently been published anonymously under contract to "Elsevier Japan."

Many other translations, interview articles, and introductory reviews have also been published under his byline.

Here are some sample pages:
Anorexia Nervosa, Gull, 2000
Interview with Hazinski, M, 2009
Imagery and PTSD, by Grett.E, 2005
Kazuhiro Yoshida has been a member of the American Medical Writers Association since 2001; he is also a member of The Medical Journalists Association of Japan. (吉田和弘,メディカル・ライター)
SEISHIN IGAKU NO KIBAN, psychiatric jounal, Yoshida is going to contribute is in preparation
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